Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More compassionate conservatism

Kudos to Cameron Holmstrom for exposing yet another Kontemptible Kanadian Konservative to the odium he rightly deserves.

The people of Kenora are poorly served by Con MP Greg Rickford, who ridiculed the desperate cry by residents of Attawapiskat First Nation for a school for their kids and attacked the local NDP MP, Charlie Angus, for making such a fuss about it. After all, it's just Indians.

To Rickford, educating Aboriginal youth is a zero-sum game: if Attawapiskat gets a school, some other community will suffer. He was thoughtful enough to forward his revolting little screed--for which you and I paid, incidentally--to the residents of Attawapiskat, just to rub their faces in it.

I see that both CC and I have picked up the juxtaposition habit. So long as there's tax money to lavish upon private Christian academies like Newman Theological College, the argument that there are no funds to build schools for Native kids in their communities is not only thin, but bordering on the fraudulent.

Sometimes these people do a better job of showing what they're made of than any progressive opponent possibly could.
Greg Rickford: yet another conservative boil on the body politic. High time, methinks, for a good political lancing.

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