Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday self-indulgence

Alright, alright, I know it's bad form to go after other bloggers instead of fearlessly analyzing the latest news and weather reports and dissecting the commercials. It's lazy, it's a clear sign that one has run out of real ideas, it's petty, and no one gives a damn anyway. It's why we aren't taken more seriously by the "MSM"--unless they're helping themselves to our stuff, that is, and mocking us the while.

But every now and then the pressure builds intolerably.

Here is what some of the folks on the starboard side of the 'sphere are up to these days:
  • Spitting on Ted Kennedy's grave.

  • Resuscitating Nazi doctrines of racial supremacy.

  • Praising a maverick far-right mayor in the UK--but (maybe) failing to read far enough down:

    A non-practising Anglican, he says he is attracted by certain tenets of Buddhism and believes the Taliban could teach us a thing or two about family values. [emphasis added]
  • Being more than a little self-indulgent themselves, as in this characteristically maniacal scribbling about Barack Obama.

  • Convicting Omar Khadr without trial (this from a lawyer, but due process is for white people, I guess).
But you know what? You folks are rank amateurs, pathetic second-raters, miserable excuses for wingnuts. You're not trying hard enough, and even if you were, I doubt you've got the stuff.

Listen up, you lot. Here's how it's done:

Talking to Taitz was like watching a James Bond movie, only I couldn't follow the plot. I just knew that Obama was going to show up in the climactic scene, stroking the white cat on his lap and cackling in Swahili.

Pikers. Match the Orly oeuvre and you just might impress me someday. Until then, to be blunt, you're just so many farts in a windstorm.

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