Thursday, August 06, 2009

Now is the time at the Dawg

...when we juxtapose!

  • Edmonton’s Newman Theological College has been given more than $4 million in federal funding for expansion projects that include a new research library and additional classrooms.
  • For 8 years, Attawapiskat children have had no school. In 2000, the grade school was closed because children were getting sick from a massive diesel spill under the school. The spill happened in 1979 while the government of Canada was operating the school. Since then, 400 students have had to rely on portables. The community has worked hard to get a new school built. They have developed clear plans for a proper school and have arranged funding agreements with banks. THREE federal Indian Affairs Ministers have committed to moving ahead with the project. In December 2007, however, the new Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl arbitrarily cancelled the proposed school. The government claims there is no money for schools for the next five years.
[H/t Paulitics]

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