Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday wingnutz

On Suaad Hagi Mohamud, Harper's Conservative base weighs in:
  • "So, was there an attempt to bait and switch (some say her sister or anothr [sic] relative) and then when caught the original Canadian came back and said it was all a big mistake?"

    DD: I predicted this sort of thing weeks ago.]
  • "I cannot remember the name of that dumb woman who ended up languishing in a Mexican jail until we grudgingly helped her out.

    "However I do remember she was white. So much for the whole, Harper would lead the charge if she was white idiocy that Hume is spewing."

    DD: Ah, yes, Brenda Martin, flown home at taxpayers' expense on a chartered jet after actually being tried and convicted of a crime. Now--what was this commenter's point again?]
  • "Regardless, the lady that got off the plane does not look like the lady we have seen photos of without glasses. [DD: That might be because she was wearing glasses.] My suspicious mind will demand dna samples taken from the son and her and demand all the testing be done on live tv. [DD: Because even a Canadian testing lab is likely run by lib'ruls.] Any cdn who come here from some african country should sign a pledge that if they go home [DD: Kenya, Somalia...all these brown countries look alike] to visit and get in trouble, they will agree to be left there.

    "Oh, did you hear, she is ill, might have TB or something else. So, why was she allowed to spread this disease around in the airport, or on the plane.

    "And just think, her lawyer was able to access a doctor, by phone at 10.00p.m. to see how/what to do about her illness. [
    DD: Imagine that, being able to get medical assistance in Canada after 5:00 pm after years of socialized medicine. Yup, I'd be sceptical too.] Oh, and the lawyer also mentioned torture.

    "I think we about to be scammed again aka Arar.

    "Oh, a sister's dna would match as a family member. [
    DD: Well, no it wouldn't, but don't stop now.] Where was the dna testing done. Unless Grissom did it, I don't trust the results. lol."
Props to Neo/Mahmoud for running a drop-in centre for this lot. I hope he offers meds with the bottled water and coffee.

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