Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Suaad Hagi Mohamud: how dare she?

Sue the government of Canada, that is. The Usual Suspects, as a casual reading of the litter-boxes provided by on-line media indicates, are all in a lather. $2.5 million? What a greedy little immigrant. She should be "grateful that we let her back into our country."

Well, let's see.

Brian Mulroney, a millionaire many times over, sued the government of Canada for $37 million. Conrad Black, when he was a wealthy man, sued a cartoonist for $2.1 million in 2004 because his feelings were hurt. In fact he was known for that sort of thing.

There was no outrage from the Usual Suspects (great fans of Lard Black by the way). There never is when rich white guys like Mulroney and Black grab for the brass ring. But when a dark-skinned citizen is falsely accused by Canadian officials, imprisoned in a foreign pest-hole and refused entry to her own country for months, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs being aware of her ordeal two weeks after it began, she's just supposed to suck it up.

No way. You go, Suaad. You go, Abousfian. You go, Abdihakim, if the silky-smooth creeps at Foreign Affairs ever let you return.

Lawsuits are really the only weapons at their disposal. The victims of this unaccountable, above-the-law government haven't as yet received so much as an apology from the miscreants responsible. Just maybe the big bucks involved will put a brake on this kind of government malfeasance. Taxpayers, after all, don't like having to pay for the willful negligence or the active malice of the people they elect.

As for you naysayers: I wonder what tune y'all would be singing if Suaad Hagi Mohamud were named Jane Smith?
Just asking.

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