Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Annals of sexism

First it's a Canadian judge refusing to jail a thug who drugged, beat and raped a woman, claiming that the brute is not "pathologically dangerous," and calling his vicious assault a mere "crime of opportunity." (That, I admit, rather puts Justice Douglas Cunningham's recent injudicious remark about career women in perspective.)

Does anyone find it significant that the media are not reporting the judge's name? Was a court order in effect? Does he, like the victimized woman who was victimized again at his hands, require protection after his sick-making judgement?
The man is just as dangerous as the rapist whose wrist he patted. We have a right to know who he is.

Then, to the south, a well-known poseur and imbecile beloved by the Right explains what he would like to do to House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Which reminds me of a blogger closer to home, whose offending post was removed after a considerable outcry.

Violence against women: knee-slapping right-wing "humour." And not worth a day in jail to a sexist BC judge.

PS: Oh, heck, let's throw in a little anti-Semitism for dessert--the real thing, not the bogus "criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic" kind. Somehow I think the Right will keep stumm on this one:

UPDATE: Good grief! Reader Chet Scoville points out that the woman in question is wearing an Israel Defence Forces T-shirt (@0.59). Was gibt?

[H/t Luna and Red Tory]

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