Sunday, March 22, 2009

The ugly face of neo-McCarthyism

Listen very carefully to this unofficial spokesperson for the Harper government, during a frankly unequal contest between himself and British MP George Galloway.

Meir Weinstein, aka Meir Halevi, is a former representative of the banned Kach party of Israel, a man who refused to condemn the mass murder of Palestinians at prayer by Baruch Goldstein, the leader of the Canadian branch of the Jewish Defence League, an organization cited by the FBI in 2001 as a "right wing terrorist group."

He now speaks for Canada.

There's something of the comic-opera incompetent about Weinstein. But don't be fooled. He has the ear of the Canadian government, and (to use what appears to be his favourite phrase) he seems to be acting as Jason Kenney's "proxy agent."

In any case, his gang of thugs will be investigating Canadian anti-war and church groups:

"We will be looking into these organizations in Canada that have invited him [Galloway], their links to terror groups as well."

And if Galloway attempts to be heard in Canada "by other means" (presumably electronic)?

"[I]f he uses those other means, we will see to it that the Canadian government will be monitoring every individual and organization that will have anything to do with it ..."

NB: Not the Jewish Defence League--the Canadian government. Coming soon to a wiretap near you?

[big h/t: POGGE]

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