Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cowardly Broadcasting Corporation yanks report [updated]

A source has directed me to this page over at Wikileaks.

Readers will know that some controversy erupted recently about the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association and its support of a series of dirty tricks on campus: takeovers and astroturf front groups (including the Star Trek Club, Star Wars Appreciation, Games and Leisure, and the Friedrich Nietzsche club at Carleton University).

CBC radio's Evan Dyer prepared an extensive report on this activity. As Wikileaks reports:

After running a few times on CBC Radio One's early morning news cycle on March 20, 2009, the story was abruptly pulled. Thus, this tape has been released to Wikileaks, given the concern that this story was pulled or censored from within the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The censored news broadcast may be downloaded here.

Yup, I'm still a defender of CBC radio, even under the malign captaincy of Richard Stursberg, but this sort of thing must stop. It's a bad strategy in any case: pandering to the right on the Mallick affair didn't exactly work out budget-wise, did it?

UPDATE (and apology): (March 26) Evan Dyer puts the quietus on this one, and has posted a comment at Wikileaks as well. I'm embarrassed, if relieved: CBC Radio is all the radio I've got. But apologies to everyone--particularly to the CBC and of course to Evan himself--for being rather too quick to jump on this occasion. I shall have to take Wikileaks cum grano salis from now on, and I should have done so from the start.

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