Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Conservative falsification of history: part deux

Actually, deux et trois.

After reading my post on alleged "liberal myths" about the Vietnam War, reader and blogger Dave (a military man who knows whereof he speaks) visited the "Examiner" site in question to post a few facts. He had read the book that our "examiner" referred to, and found that she had misstated its theme. He made mention of the infamous "Project 100000." And, in answer to one commenter who had claimed that many draftees had "cushy gigs" in the US Navy, he pointed out that the USN has always been a volunteer force.

Facts, unfortunately, have a left-wing bias.The comment was deleted.

Moving on to alleged anti-Semitism at York University. Alert reader "forgottobuytinfoil" found this gem over at Omri Ceren's Mere Rhetoric. No one, of course, could deny the blatant anti-Semitism of the sign being held. The problem is, though, that it was being held halfway around the world from the university in question--in Melbourne, Australia, to be exact.

Ceren, a student of rhetoric as it happens, explained to our assiduous commenter that his "regular readers" were familiar with the photograph in question, and would know that it wasn't depicting the event being described.

Ceren has some stroke-quotes up at his place, describing his blog as "stellar," "one of the best blogs in the known universe," etc.

Allergy to facts, meet allergy to ethics. A conservative two-fer.

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