Monday, March 09, 2009

Roll out the pork barrels!

We'll have some barrels of mun-ee for Conservatives!

It has begun. The Senator's blog links to the PM's media release.

The Government's contribution will be matched by the National Trails Coalition, a joint venture made up of the following non-profit organizations: Canadian Trails Foundation, Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council. National Trails Coalition Chairman Terry Norman called the investment “a major boost to all forms of trail-based tourism and recreational activities.”
There is also this.

Heritage Minister James Moore ... unveiled the new Canada Media Fund (CMF) in Toronto, from the set of CTV drama Flashpoint, on Monday morning. Four principles guided the government's decision to create the new fund, Moore said. ... Level the playing field, encouraging competition among all players, including by removing the guaranteed funding envelope for CBC/Radio-Canada and provincial educational broadcasters.
Is anyone surprised?

Update: Challenging the Commonplace has posted a video of John Baird being questioned about the Cons' 3 billion dollars slush fund.

And yet more tasty trotters in Poilievre's riding!

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