Sunday, March 08, 2009

Happy International Women's Day

In Brazil, a nine-year old girl is "allegedly" raped, according to this mainstream news source in Australia (where the sexual assault of children as young as four isn't, in fact, taken very seriously). The word "raped" is placed in shudder-quotes too. The BBC chimes in, referring to "alleged" abuse.
No doubt these newseditors thought the little girl was asking for it. The Catholic Church, meanwhile, is punishing the people who helped her.

In Canada, the clock is being turned back thirty years by the Conservative government. In the United States, a woman can be jailed for delivering a stillborn baby.

Women are targeted by virtue police in India. Girls in Afghanistan have acid thrown in their faces for going to school. Travelling on buses with men warrants having your bus stoned in Israel.

A 13-year old girl was raped in Somalia and then, by order of the court, stoned to death for adultery. Her rapists were never charged with anything. Authorities claim that she lied about her age--she was actually 23. Oh, that's OK, then.

Looking around, it's hard to recall without some bitterness that infamous commercial slogan You've come a long way, baby. Miles to go before we sleep.

Let's get back to work.

No, not that work.

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