Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artery-clogging irony

...from the fellow who recently called me a "terrorist-supporter supporter." (If I wore a truss, would that make it a "terrorist-supporter supporter supporter?")

Anyway (with the addition of suitable links):

WITHOUT REPEATING SOME OF THE viler comments over on a Lefty Blog, or KinsellaIsGod.com, note that never do the leftward commenters ever deal with substance, details, ideological differences, or serious issues. Is that it? All you got is mock, bile, glee, smear? What is this, Grade 2?


[I]t’s simplistic tribal-think. Tribes mean dehumanization. Tribes mean a breakdown in common agreement about what we’re doing, and how to get along. Tribes mean us versus them.


From the looks of it, some Can-Progs are like people who pick semi-healed scabs for the pain of it, or who love provocative TV or radio-shows so they can get upset and
yell back.* Don’t like Ezra, or Kathy, or Binky, or Steyn? Ignore them. After all, you’ve got most of Western Civilization leaning leftwards already.. do you really insist on silencing and shutting up every possible outlet and voice that dares disagree with all-holy progressivism?


The convenient ‘other’; the outside, the unbeliever, the black sheep, the scapegoat, the sin-eater. The not-us of evil. Sounds like pretty old-fashioned nastiness there, despite the usual high-minded smug tone of the Can-Prog bloggers. For teh Can-Progs, conservatives appear to be nothing less or other than sub-human bearers of cooties** and evil. And here I thought people was people, walk a mile in their shoes, and all that.


[H/t, alas]
"This is just the voice of an ordinary Canadian yelling back at the radio - 'You don't speak for me.'"

"I think dirty hippy emails might have cooties and I don't want to get any more than I have to."

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