Friday, March 06, 2009

Everyone Knows The * * * Harper Has Seen.

There's a jazz standard called ' Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen '. Yesterday Canadians were subjected to a most unpleasant variant thereof, by way of Harper's petulant and hissy performance in the House of Commons:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said earlier this week that his party will not approve the funds unless the Conservatives provide details on precisely how the money will be spent. The Tories say they'll account for the spending after the fact.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggested the Liberals are hypocrites for demanding rapid stimulus but then delaying it.

“I hate to use this expression, but the Leader of the Opposition really is engaged, in this entire budgetary business, in the biggest exercise of suck and blow I have ever seen in Canadian history,” Mr. Harper told the House of Commons during Question Period.

Too. Much. Information.

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