Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Suaad Hagi Mohamud: Lawrence Cannon still stonewalling

If there is a way he can obstruct, trust our Minister of Foreign Affairs to find it. Here is how not to commence an investigation of the gross mistreatment of a Canadian citizen:

1) State that it could take a month;

2) Refuse to commit to making the findings of the investigation public;

3) Refuse to comment on the current status of Liliane Khadour, the vice consul of the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi on whose watch Mohamed was "conclusively" deemed an "impostor," separated from her 12-year-old son, jailed, made ill, harassed by consular officials, and finally, after 11 weeks, vindicated by a DNA test;

4) Threaten a court battle if Mohamud's lawyer, the hard-working Raoul Boulakia, wants to get a look at her confiscated passport.

What is he trying to hide? Surely even Stephen Harper can recognize the man as a liability by now.

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