Monday, August 17, 2009

Is the Far Right in the USA supporting the Taliban?

That is the question.

There is history, ideology and strategy, and now there is opportunity that makes you wonder what the hell is happening in Afghanistan.

Fact number 1: In the mid-1980s, a covert operation was set up by individuals in the Reagan administration to sell and supply arms to Iran. Profits from the transactions were used to fund the Contras (anti-socialists) movement in Nicaragua.

Fact number 2: In the late 1980s, Congressman Charlie Wilson, a fiercely anti-Soviet Democrat, became the go-between that far right Republicans needed on the appropriations committee to ensure that Afghan mujahedeen forces would be provided with arms. Hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers' money and private sources secretly paid for the US manufactured military weapons supplied to the 'freedom fighters'.

Fact number 3: During the 2008 presidential election, Republicans directed attacks on Obama, stating that he is a socialist. They ran a campaign that fuelled these accusations, fabricating information or playing up aspects of Obama they claimed to be un-American. They still believe these claims.

Fact number 4: Former vice-president Dick Cheney has considerable connections to the US arms industry and to the many private corporations that flourished under the Bush administration and received billion dollar contracts in Iraq to supplement US defense with mercenaries.

Fact number 5: Something has shifted in Afghanistan since Obama was elected president and has re-directed military resources there. The Taliban's mujahedeen forces are stronger and are being supplied with increasingly effective offensive weapons.

Some observers are speculating that Afghanistan may become Obama's Viet Nam. All of this makes me wonder whether politically far right Republicans are secretly funding the Taliban in Afghanistan to undermine the Democrats.

Are Canadian troops and Afghan civilians also being slaughtered in order to advance the political goals of far right US Republicans? There may be more facts and arguments that Dr Dawg's readers would like to present for consideration. Please do.

UPDATE: (August 27) Welcome, NaPo readers! Here's some further reading for those unfamiliar with the way Terry Glavin operates.

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