Saturday, August 22, 2009

Photo Op

As always with the PM and his Con-job ministers, it's all about political OPportunity, OPtics and OPerations.
After touring homes in Vaughan that suffered severe structural damage during Thursday's storm, Canada's Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan said doling out financial aid is not a political decision but rather the result of a "complex mathematical formula."

Could one of the factors in that "complex mathematical formula" be the demographic profile of Vaughn and other neighbourhoods affected by Thursday's violent storm in Milton, Newmarket and Durham?

Specifically, how to calculate whether federal financial assistance doled out will cancel out a public perception that the Public Safety Minister and his colleagues are mostly indifferent to the rights and the plight of brown-skinned Canadian citizens left stranded outside Canada?

Accountability and transparency... as envisioned by Harper Conservatives.

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