Monday, September 22, 2008

Rational political commentary

Has blogger "Impolitical" lost it?

Yes, the NDP helped to bring down the rotten Paul Martin government. But since then it has voted against the Conservatives in countless House of Commons votes--unlike the Liberals, who abstained or voted with the government on 43 occasions.

Bob Rae is, and always has been, an aristocratic, silver-spoon hypocrite. It's sad to see that his ailment appears to be catching.

UPDATE: (September 23) Impolitical responds.

Just two points in reply: First, my original post was a response to Rae's snide "house that Jack built" nonsense, with which Impolitical was presumably in agreement. That's pretty brazen, given that it's been the Libs and not the NDP who have been propping up Harper for months, and that the last election was the Liberals' to lose. Blaming that loss on the NDP rather than on their own lack of appeal to the electorate is breathtakingly silly.

Secondly, it's Liberal hypocrisy alone that appears to be catching. I regret that I (inadvertently) appear to have accused Impolitical of being an aristocrat, and withdraw the suggestion.

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