Friday, September 19, 2008

Could this whole business be a cruel confidence job?

Alison of Creekside is a very droll lady and a sharp political blogger. She writes today about the 'secret' undercover footage that a CSIS operative took of the young Muslim men currently on trial for alleged terrorist activities.

This video evidence (which the trial judge did not allow to be released to the media) has been posted on the website of the NEFA (Nine Eleven Finding Answers) Foundation. "Exclusive" footage they say. This made me wonder if the CSIS operative, Mubin Shaikh is the one who sold the footage to NEFA. Once I started down that road, I also considered if Shaikh set up these young men to be charged with terrorist acts. To justify his deceit, he said:

.... the suspects had already chosen their path and needed no encouragement from him.
Nice work if you can get it.
Were the Harper Conservatives to be elected to government, events of this nature where individuals con and set up members of their own communities, and people rat each other out for money would become more common I suspect, This happens whenever authorities make sure their spook organizations have deep pockets and shallow minds.

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