Monday, September 01, 2008

In this corner...

...a NAMBLA-enabling racist who warned his readers against praising Rosa Parks. And a bottom-feeder who has never met a violent crime involving beige people that he doesn't shriek about at his blog.

And in this corner,
a team of bloggers who were put on this earth to excoriate racists, bigots and assorted other evil malcontents with outrageous snarkery, humour and blunt truth.

The Canadian Cynic approach is not mine. I don't like the c-word or the n-word. CC tosses the first around a little too freely. He placed the latter, though, in the scum-encrusted mouth of the aforementioned violent crime guy, to sum up what likely underlies that fellow's racial obsessiveness. Just as
he recently summarized, in characteristically snarky fashion, Stephen Harper's apparent unconcern that his anticipated election date will fall on a Jewish holiday.

All in a day's work for the CC team. They have their own unique stylings--edgy, off-centred, cutting brutally to the heart of the matter, crude and sometimes funny as hell. Bigots cringe in their caves, holes and sewer-pipes when they hear the CC folks coming. And well they might, because it's never long before the halogen beam finds their squirming, blind, white bodies and a copious dose of RAID is dispensed.

Enter the NAMBLA-enabler at this point, who calls me out in a laughably disingenuous fashion, claiming that CC himself is a racist and bigot. Um, no. The Canadian Cynic truth squad does more to skewer racism and assorted other bigotries than any other blog I can name, including my own. Yes, they unkindly caricature their enemies. So what?

And then my friend Darcey Jerrom gets into it over at Dust My Broom, demanding that I denounce them or get tossed from his blogroll. I didn't, and I was. But guess who are still proudly displayed on the DMB "Friends of the Broom" list? Yeah, right the first time.

Meanwhile, the consistent, unrelenting enemies of all that is smug, trite, phoney, wrong-headed and intolerant are happily hammering the keyboards, not to mention their hapless quarry of the day.
I can hear the music and laughter from here. Rock on, CC, and damn the torpedoes.

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