Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin death watch

How long now before Sarah Palin goes the way of Thomas Eagleton?

This email from a resident of Wasilla, the tiny Alaskan town over which Palin rode rough-shod as mayor, may end up being the final nail in her political coffin--should McCain choose to cut his losses.

Sarah Palin: book-banner, incompetent manager, vengeful ideologue, power junkie. Mean-minded, narrow, rewarding loyalty over ability. She bought votes with tax cuts, then had to borrow to get the job done. She left the debt-free town she inherited with a debt of more than $22 million. She went on to become governor of Alaska, and is presently under investigation for abuse of authority in that office. A career politician in the narrowest and crassest sense, she's left a smoking trail of ruin in her wake.

All this, one heartbeat away from the presidency? John McCain is already looking, more than ever, like the foolish, impulsive man he's always been for choosing her as a running mate without proper vetting. Count on rapidly increasing nervousness among the American electorate and a media feeding frenzy. His window of opportunity is already closing: watch for major developments in the near future--or his utter obliteration in November.

H/t Dave at Galloping Beaver

Great minds think alike. But don't listen to the pols--check out the bookies.

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