Monday, September 15, 2008

More conservative blogger hypocrisy

Readers will be aware that a recent posting by Canadian Cynic has attracted some comment on the starboard side of the blogosphere.

I myself have come under fire simply for having CC on my blogroll. The latest hypocrite to emerge is Jay Currie, who presumes to give me advice on the subject while he lists on his own blogroll a fellow who links to two egregiously racist sites, Steve Sailer and V-DARE, and a well-known blogger who permits all manner of racist ugliness on hers.

Binky has now gleefully placed a reference to CC's post on his right-wing aggregator, from the benighted Blazing Cat Fur. And also this: "Steering us wrong: From the Jewstablishment’s Federal Election 2008 Guide to the Issues for the Community."

"Jewstablishment?" Oh, I get it--it's OK when
conservatives do it.

Now, back to the elections and other things that matter.

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