Saturday, September 27, 2008

A heavy hand in democratic space

Greg Morrow is running the DemocraticSpace election campaign blogathon, but he doesn't want things to get, well, political:

Subject: Keep the quality high

Some folks are becoming concerned that a number of our blog posts are starting to sound increasingly like partisan talking points. There is no shortage of places on the web to hear partisan attacks. Our readers expect critical analysis and insights into how the campaign is playing out nationally and locally. So let's keep the quality of analysis high! -GM

Which rather puts me in mind of Robert Thompson, a Social Credit leader in the 1960s, who accused the Prime Minister of the day, Lester B. Pearson, of "turning Parliament into a political arena."

Greg, although it may come as a rude shock to you, this campaign has something to do with politics. Kudos for your site and the work you are doing, but rein in the prissiness, m'kay?

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