Thursday, February 18, 2010

Retraction: finale

Further to my recent retraction, it appears that Ezra Levant has backed off his additional demands, made through his lawyer, that I purge an entire post and delete all comments on the subject of his recent encounter with the Law Society of Alberta.

The matter, I believe, is now concluded.

When one sets aside Levant's trademark Sturm und Drang, the whole story amounted to this: I published an inaccuracy. It was brought to my attention, and I promptly corrected it.

That has, in fact, been my practice since I started up this blog nearly five years ago.

Levant preferred to kick the door rather than try the knob. I hope he spent good money on this guy.
An email would have cost him nothing.

In any case, he's had his gotcha moment. Now he can go back to noisily defending himself against what he is pleased to call "lawfare." And I will go on mocking and criticizing him mercilessly. Let the games continue.

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polyorchnid octopunch said...

Heh... glad you liked it! That one's famous here in Kingston...