Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ezra's law

My friend Ezra Levant's sins are catching up with him.
About time.

This cheerful defamer, who calls torture victim Maher Arar a "liar," who refers to the respected Toronto Star columnist Haroon Siddiqui as an "anti-semite," who believes that British piracy laws should have been invoked to kill Omar Khadr and spare us all this crap about Charter rights, who engages in ugly character assassination against those who can't fight back, and mocks people for having disabilities, has run into his first roadside bomb.

[deleted --ed.] [A]
s reported in the National Post, Ezra [deleted --ed.] raised the matter himself, assuring us all that it was a minor scrape, nothing more [deleted --ed.] .*

My pal Warren Kinsella is digging into this. Expect much.

Meanwhile, the defamation lawsuits are flying thick and fast. The mills of the law grind slowly and exceedingly fine--but grind they do. I suspect the end product won't be pretty. Talk about flours of evil.

UPDATE: (February 9) More. Much more.

[deleted --ed.]

Note follow-up post.

*"In what he called 'a mass dismissal of more than a dozen complaints at once,' Mr. Levant said there was a finding of a minor violation of the lawyer's code of conduct, followed by a 'mandatory conduct advisory' with a senior bencher, known as a 'fireside chat,' after which the complainants have no possibility of further appeal. Mr. Levant described the meeting, which happened late last year, as a pleasant coffee with Stephen G. Raby, QC, who made no demands that he change his behaviour, just to 'remember you are a lawyer.'"

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