Monday, February 08, 2010

Let the best science win!

One of my favourite bloggers, Tim Lambert, is going to be debating Lord Monckton on Friday. I have a lot of respect for Tim who has done some extremely good work in regards to the issue of AGW. There is no question that he knows his stuff and while I think this type of discussion is very important, a debate format is not the best for exploring science. I have seen a couple of these debates and the problem is that the denial side is able to throw up what amount to lies which have no hope of being justified, but would take too long to expose during a debate. I am not saying that Lord Monckton will do that; however he does say things that aren’t supported by the science.

Consequently, if I can get hold of a broadcast or transcript of the debate, I will be posting the arguments made by Lord Monckton and assessing their validity in regards to the science. Stay tuned!

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