Sunday, February 14, 2010

Idiot provocateurs

I couldn't agree more with Rev. Paperboy over at the Galloping Beaver about the young rioting fools in Vancouver:

[H]ere's a newsflash for "Blayze" the masked protestor who speaks to the press at the end of the video here: "The next level" of a peaceful protest is not smashing windows and trying to provoke the cops and it isn't "the perogative" of some self-important douchebag in a black hoodie and bandana to make the sensible people who are trying to make a point in a civilized way look bad just because he thinks he's a revolutionary who is going to bring racist exploitive capitalism to knees by throwing newspaper boxes through shopfronts. Dude, your friends are not activists, they are assholes.

Amen to that. The only objective difference between these people and the cops at Montebello is their self-deception.

[H/t Galloping Beaver via Cathie from Canada]

UPDATE: But lest we forget....VANOC is still insane.

UPPERDATE: (February 16) Judy Rebick weighs in.

[H/t Ernie Yacub]

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truewest said...

A catastrophe? Do tell.
The highway to Whistler was a necessary improvement to a road that was dangerous to drive. And the residents of Squamish are primary beneficiaries of that improvement. You can quibble about whether they should have tunnelled through Eagleridge Bluffs or not, but to call it a catastrophe is ridiculous.