Thursday, April 23, 2009


A correspondent in today's Globe and Mail writes:

In feeling empathy for [Susan Boyle], we fail to recognize her success [on "Britain's Got Talent"] won't change how we measure talent in the future.

Another effect of all the heart-string strumming and eye-watering of Ms. Boyle's success is that other contestants are losing a great deal of exposure, the most egregious example of this being the extraordinarily talented dance group Flawless. The 10-member North London group's routine was so jaw-droppingly good, it brought even the jaded Mr. Cowell to his feet.

It's a shame our sentimental self-congratulation and desire to share in a very nice and talented woman's success has to erase recognition of everyone else involved.

I'd never heard of "Flawless," but I found their audition, thanks to this writer. Let me do my small part to right the balance. YouTube embedding has been disabled--just go watch.

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