Saturday, February 14, 2009

Top Censored Stories for 2009

Project Censored has released its annual list of news suppressed--or at least underreported or ignored--by the corporate media.

Grab a coffee and start reading. From one million post-invasion deaths in Iraq, to increasing US subversion in Latin America, to the truth about American food aid, there's enough here to make a progressive's anger turn incandescent. Welcome to the ugly underbelly of globalization, in a world ruled by one superpower.


UPDATE: Project Censored is not without its progressive critics. As commenter "forgottobuytinfoil" notes, story #24 is a Trutherist piece, interesting only because it reveals the growth of that industry in Japan. Stories are ranked by a panel of judges, but not chosen by them: rather, the choices are made by students and faculty at Sonoma State University. Caveat lector.

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