Saturday, February 07, 2009

CFRA's Lowell Green guilty of bigotry

...and in other news, the Pope was recently discovered to be of the Catholic persuasion, and bears have been found to relieve themselves in forested areas.

The Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council has ruled that a series of remarks made by Green about Muslims early last December, and his treatment of callers who disagreed with him, constituted "a sweeping, abusive and unduly discriminatory criticism of Islam. He conceded none of the diversity that exists in Islam or among its adherents...and brooked no contradictory observations of persons who were admittedly Muslim, informed about the religion, or of a different standpoint."

More recently Green was at it again, threatening and encouraging violence against striking OC Transpo workers.

Q. How long will CFRA continue to keep this bigot on the air?
A. As long as it's profitable. Hate sells--particularly in hard times.

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