Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Braidwood Chronicles: "It's possible he was frightened"

RCMP Constable Gerry Rundel continued his testimony at the Braidwood Inquiry yesterday. The officer who believes that walking away from the RCMP is a Taserable offence stated flatly that "Based on the knowledge we had at the time, we wouldn't have done anything differently."

That famous stapler that no one can see on the video of the event became the focus of discussion. According to Rundel, it was a weapon, about to be deployed by Robert Dziekanski on the four officers who were confronting him.

Rundel has changed his statement about the stapler, as it happens. He had earlier claimed that Dziekanski had raised it over his head: that proved to be a lie, however, as the video subsequently showed.

Asked if Dziejkanski was told to put down the stapler, Rundel replied: "Time did not allow that."

Might Dziekanski have been afraid of the four armed and uniformed men who were closing in on him? Rundel said, "Now that I have had the opportunity to look back at the video prior to us arriving and the information that has been since received, it's possible he was frightened, yes."

One must ask, once again, what training RCMP officers actually receive prior to being given badges and weapons. First, with respect to the rights of civilians. And secondly, on how to read the glaringly obvious.

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