Thursday, February 19, 2009

To serve and protect [updated]

Two gunmen burst into your home and one shoots your brother three times after ordering you both to kneel. You wrestle the gun away and shoot one of the assailants in an obvious case of self-defence.

Whom do the police arrest?

you live in Vancouver and your name is "Amir Mohammed"--you.

UPDATE: (February 19) Contrary to earlier reports, Amir has been released and does not at this time face any charges:

Amir's lawyer, John Turner, told The Province that Amir was released about 12:30 Wednesday afternoon.

"He was released with no charges — that's what I understand," said Turner. "It seems to me they've spoken to everyone involved and decided not to charge him. But I can't say whether the police will charge him in the future."

Turner said the family is holding up relatively well given the traumatic events.

"I've spoken with the family, I've spoken with his mother," he said. "His brother [Aleem] is very seriously ill — no one's given the family any information about his condition."

Turner said he spoke with Amir three hours after the 2 p.m. shooting.

"He seems to be doing reasonably well under the circumstances," said Turner.

"He's only a kid."

This would appear to support my point, if admittedly tenuously. Asking Amir to come downtown and give a statement is one thing. Maybe even offer him some counselling while you're at it. Hauling the traumatized kid off in handcuffs is quite another.

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