Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hire lerning at UNB

A learned professor at UNB named David Murrell went after me today after a wag posted a message on the mephitic Canadian Coalition for Democracies site yesterday and forged my name to it. (That's twice in one week: the other forgery appeared on a bogus site called Shaidle is a racist. Luckily these things are fairly easily exposed.)

In any case, he checked out a recent post of mine about Peter Kent, and wrote a post of his own entitled: "Dr. Dawg criticizes Peter Kent for his denouncing of synagogue vandalizim." Here are a couple of extracts:

Dr. Dawg, in this rather facile post, conjures up the hypothetical situation of multi-syngogue vandalism taking place in this country -- and that Canadiaans would resent other countries criticisng us for anti-Ssemitic acts going on in this country....

Dr. Dawg's posts are a classic example of "soft", left-wing based anti-Semitism. That is, the voice opposition to criticism of anti-Setmic acts.

He followed this up with a post bearing the title: "Sorry! The mispelled (sic) word is 'vandalism.'"

Tomorrow, presumably, he's back in the classroom.

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