Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Conservative civility

I have mentioned in earlier posts the conservative penchant, when the chips are down, for physical violence.
Here's more (via Runesmith).

Watch the whole video to see how these people operate. Erik Millett, the NB principal who replaced the daily singing of O Canada with monthly singing of our national anthem at his school assemblies, has discovered what it's like to cross these deranged wingnuts.

Abusive emails? By the truckload.
Lies and smears? Par for the course. Telephoned death threats? Physical, face-to-face threats of beatings? You bet.

On the video, as commentators on the saner side of the blogosphere have noted, the benighted hysteric who started the campaign against Millett also bemoaned the alleged loss of the Pledge of Allegiance (@4:12). Whoops, wrong country, but what the hell. The stiff-armed salute fell out of favour, too. Deal with it.

In any case, the bullies may have won. The daily anthem is back, and the NB government is considering legislation to make it mandatory. The principal is now off on stress leave, and may never return to his school. Score another hit for our jack-booted patrioteers and their allies in the blogosphere, so eager to help--when they aren't whining about human rights commissions, that is, and the threats they allegedly pose to Canadian freedom.

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