Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Revenue Canada targeting gays?

I'd missed this story on Saturday, but it seems that the Canada Revenue Agency has determined that Edmonton's not-for-profit Pride Centre, which provides support for gay and lesbian people in the community, is "too political" for charitable status.

Meanwhile the Fraser Institute has charitable status. Ditto the militantly anti-gay Focus on the Family. The "outspoken" (read: bigoted) Bishop Fred Henry was permitted to make blatantly political statements during an election, with no tax consequences for his diocese.

But a gay community centre--well, that's different.

We are in the grip of a recession, and donations to the
Pride Centre have dropped off, making things difficult--but not impossible. The revocation of charitable status on top of that, however, means almost certainly that it will be forced to close. It has about a month of funding left.

Sounds like the Canada Revenue Agency may be just a little too political itself.

[H/t Slap Upside the Head]

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