Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sore Thumb Chronicles, Day Three: behind the barricades

I am writing this from my perch in the great hall of delegates, to which and to whom we have been granted access. I'll blog the results of the plenary debates when they come up a little later in the morning.

Thirty policy resolutions
and ten constitution resolutions have made it this far. (Original resolutions here.) Ryan Sparrow has been making nice, hanging around the media section and affably answering questions. As for Dmitri Soudas, the target of more than a little bitterness in the media room yesterday, he apparently took a plane out of town this morning: a CPC official joked that his car to the airport "looked very much like a getaway vehicle."

Among the policy resolutions to be discussed are the "Lemire Resolution" (P-203) and the "Ken Epp Memorial Not About Abortion Resolution" (P-207). Stay tuned.

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