Wednesday, November 05, 2008

End Times

The Anti-Christ, the Manchurian Candidate, that terrorist, Muslim, Jew (How did that get in here? --ed.), anti-American, Marxist, Arab, Communist, Jew-hating n----r won! Fake birth certificate and all!

The "long march through the institutions" is complete!

Who's in charge now?

We is.

Lock up yer daughters! Barricade yer doors! Or head for the hills. Who cares?

We know who you are, and where you are, and we're coming for you. Yeah, you. And you. And especially you.

Go ahead, move your blogs to offshore servers while you still have time, you knuckle-dragging, moose-killing, gun-clutching, God-bothering whackos. Good luck finding a computer where you’re going.

Bow down to the Beast. The One. Yes, that One.

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