Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kate's Krazy Krew

To be called a "homophobe" by an anti-Aboriginal blogger who makes excuses for neo-Nazis and jokes about the Holocaust is a perverse badge of honour, like being called an "anti-Semite" by David Duke, or a "racist" by Tomasz Winnicki. Kate McMillan seems to have mistaken me for one of her friends.

It appears that I have given offence for stating the obvious: that organized homophobia is far more prevalent on the Right than on the Left. And for asking the question: why would some gay folks (or people of colour, for that matter) find a home in the Conservative Party of Canada?

In case right-wingers need a reminder, and are not simply being disingenuous, the recent campaign in California over Proposition 8 was bankrolled by conservative Mormons, not leftists, and closer to home in 2003 the then-Alliance party, led by some guy named Harper, took a hard line against civil marriage for gay couples. Boycotting the Walt Disney Company for being too gay-friendly has been a right-wing pastime, not a progressive one. Conservatives, not left-wingers, opposed the inclusion of "sexual orientation" in Canadian hate-speech legislation.

Rather stony ground, I would have thought, for a gay person. And making that trite observation, according to an individual who proved to be
too rabid even for the conservative Brad Wall administration in Saskatchewan, supposedly makes me a homophobe.

Nope. I think that word applies more accurately to some of her regular commenters, whose sneering hatred proudly adorns her posts. But, after all, expecting honesty from Kate McMillan is a bit like expecting light humour from Stephen Harper. One doesn't exactly hold one's breath.

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