Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Holocaust-denial defended

 a prominent conservative blogsite.

First it was frequent commenter "john begley," claiming that Jews ran up the Holocaust numbers to get higher reparations out of the Germans. (Hardly a word against this obscene comment was recorded from the regulars at Jay's place. But the side-stepping and fancy dancing were something to behold.)

Now it's Gerry T. Neal's turn:

"Holocaust denial" is in many cases, a defense mechanism on the part of people of German background in response to post-WWII German bashing. It is a shield to protect Germans against anti-German racism far more often than it is a sword to attack the Jews. It is not good history but it is not the sin Dr. Dawg makes it out to be either.

Umm...OK. Confronted by real anti-Semitism, your first response is to defend it by claiming it's merely defensive in nature. Whatever, Gerry.

Taking a brief respite from continual Muslim-bashing, Jay's regulars are beginning to let us know what we knew already: anti-Semitism is, and always has been, a disease of the Right. And, for the record, that Right includes the social-conservative, religious agenda of the Islamists. Amazing that they haven't joined forces with the small army of homophobes and anti-choicers who infest the starboard side of the blogosphere. If the latter could only give up their xenophobia, they might help create an electoral bloc to be reckoned with.

By all means, keep fighting
for free expression but against minarets and burqas, Jay. And go on denouncing criticism of Israel by progressives as "anti-Semitic" while the real thing gets a continual pass at your house. But, if I might gently suggest, the Whitman defence only works for poets.

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