Thursday, August 12, 2010

Conservative College: August 12 Lecture Schedule

Anthropology 204: Professor Wendy "Buy Me Meds and a Computer Instead of Wasting Money on Haiti" Sullivan explains that "in cave man days", it was the women that used to hunt because women excel at "killing for flesh", and therefore shouldn't be working.

Political Sciences (Post Doctoral Programs): Professor Steve "Canadian Sentinel" M. provides a cutting edge analysis of current American trends in domestic deficit recuperation, and concludes: "Yup. That's Obama. That's most Democrats. Time to stop liking those mean, mean, mean people! George Bush was a LOT nicer than they are!"

Geography 101: Dr. Dodo reveals the surprising finding that McMaster University is actually in Toronto.

Criminology (Special Lecture): Lifelong Student Patrick Ross proves that Canada needs to get tough on psychopaths because there are really creepy villains in the movie "Last House On The Left".

Cultural and Feminist Studies: Sessional Lecturer Kathy Shaidle acknowledges that conservatives tend to be cultural morons.

Schedule changes to be announced as they occur.

Conservative College: Where Reality is Optional.

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