Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anne - OR IMAN?? The Islamonazification of PEI !!

In a transparent effort to brandish the mailed fist of Islam in the face of God-fearing Christian Canadians, radical Islamists are now threatening to build a Mega Mosque in the very heart of Canadian confederation - Charlottetown, PEI, a mere jet flight away from Ground Zero in Manhattan.

The aggressive and insensitive selection of a location so sacred to the Canadian psyche betrays the real agenda of these monstrous Mohammedans. "MacAleer Drive, Charlottetown" is a perfect anagram for "Let it Rot! ROT! Mecca Heavenward! L!" The proposed megamosque will be built on the site (or at least within running distance) of the Anne of Green Gables Museum AND Province House, birthplace of Confederation. There were, as far as I know, no camels parked outside its sacred precincts during the Charlottetown Conference; that these falafel-munchers now see fit to erect a minaret (whose shadow, brandished like an obscene finger, will point at certain times of day DIRECTLY TOWARDS our nation's sacred birthplace) is clearly an act of provocation.

I've looked into the background of "Najam Chisti", the shadowy ringleader who seems to be spearheading this attack. My investigations reveal that among his other suspicious affiliations (none of which he has explicitly denied), Mr. "Chisti" appears to be an official of the Canadian Table Tennis Association. In other words, this is a man whose life is spent whacking peoples' balls with a paddle. A more ominous metaphor for what the international Islamofascinazi conspiracy has in store for us all could scarcely be imagined.

Canadians! The very future of our nation, our culture and our souls themselves now hang in the balance. Our American brothers and sisters have shown us how a complete lack of logic, utter disregard for the separation of church and state, lies, and a carefully nurtured sense of grievance can be inflamed and exploited by folks who make their living by keeping their readers in a perpetual state of delusional rage. Have their lessons and example been for naught?

Shall the beloved red clay once trod by Anne of Green Gables now be stirred to mud by the foul, felted slippers of Iman the Red Crescent?

What is it to be - Bud the Spud, or Sharif the Shawarma?

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