Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From The BT Litter Box

I try not to sound like a broken record, I really do. But there's one truth that just doesn't seem to be getting across to the pundits, bloggers and advocates who are currently reveling in, and stoking, hatred of Muslims for political gain.

And that is: the hatemongers who are now calling for the banning, or the exile, or the internment of Muslims in Canada are EXACTLY the same people who called for the banning, or the exile, or the internment of Jews in Germany.

And if they ever get their way, guess which other Semitic people they'll turn their reptilian gaze on?

Shall I give you a hint? From one of the vilest Blogging Tories now posting.

"The love of money is what is destroying Christian and Judea societies all over Europe and the West. Look at Bloomberg, a money-loving Jew who has sold his soul for the arabs' dirty money."

Ah, those money-loving Jews. Ruining our society again.

Thank you, Blogging Tories, for continuing to provide a platform for stool samples with keyboards.

H/T Kateland, The Last Exile

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