Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hasbara by juxtaposition

One story is a report on anti-Semitic graffiti sprayed by vandals in Calgary, the city of whites-only nightclubs and apparently a place for up-and-coming Nazis to prosper.
No surprises there. Nevertheless, Calgary Police Inspector Richard Hinse is being prudent:

This could be kids who have no hate in their hearts to have done something like this or it could be a group that does. So really it's classifying this after we've had a chance to talk to those who have committed it.

And nestled right in there alongside, the foolish commentary of a witness appearing at the bogus "inquiry" being run by HUAC North


OTTAWA–Anti-Semitism is creeping from the shadows into the mainstream and even onto university campuses, a parliamentary committee heard Monday.

U.S. experts told the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism that officials in some countries and even students are using anti-Israel tirades to mask their anti-Jewish views.


The experts pointed to the rise of rallies against so-called Israeli apartheid at Canadian universities. Supporters argue they're denouncing Israeli policies. [emphases added]

Geddit? Critics of Israel are the same as Nazis.

Stay classy, Star.
We keep Stephen Harper around for that sort of thing.

UPDATE: (November 18) Via commenter Holly Stick, this classic example of political symbiosis. Stephen Harper is now out to paint the Liberals as "anti-Semitic," as he trolls for votes in Jewish districts.

And more hasbara follies, as the Jewish Tribune "reports":

B’nai Brith Canada was overwhelmed by the positive feedback it received as a result of the public service announcement waking up Canadians to the dangers confronting us as a result of radical Islam.

It would appear that Canadians were waiting for a leading human rights organization to come forward and finally tell it like it really is. The phone calls and emails have been most encouraging and pleading with us to continue this proactive advocacy. [emphasis added]

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