Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Conservatism" isn't a politics's a diagnosis.

Here's an up-and-coming conservative death-worshipper, Backseat Blogger, heard from.

And here's Jay Currie, whilst on the subject. He's far from alone, by the way.

Salon magazine's Andrew O'Hehir reported on symptoms of this sickness in the aftermath of the death of Rachel Corrie:

...The torrent of exaggerated and often shocking verbal abuse to which Corrie was subjected, postmortem, on right-wing bulletin boards and Web sites. Corrie, who suffered massive internal injuries when she was either crushed by a bulldozer or buried under construction debris, was routinely dubbed "Saint Pancake" in such venues, or described as "terrorist-loving swine." (That's without getting into the grotesque sexual fantasies and elaborate conspiracy theories.)

Long live death. Killing is fun. Killing is funny.

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