Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday doctr'uns

  • UnCatholic potlucks

    In spring 2008, I played at a “World Day of Prayer” event at St. Mary’s in Ottawa. They had a “pot luck” beforehand, then we went upstairs and the they had a prayer service with music, and showed a slide show of Haiti, then did a collection. I remember thinking that the crowd was not in agreement with Catholic moral teaching.

    They had a collection for “Haiti”. There was an Anglican Woman minister there and some United folks. Fittingly, we sung “Kumbaya.” They have it at a different Church in the Ottawa area every year.

  • You don't have to be Jewish...

    Non-Jewish Torah observant people come from a myriad of valid, varied and beautiful cultural backgrounds. We want to be able to share them in an open-air environment that encourages the righteous cultivation of each tradition or background within the Instructions of YHVH'S Holy Scriptures.

    The tribes of Benjamin and Judah(Jews) are only 2 of the 12 Ancient tribes of Israel. The Ancient Holy Land also had foreigners who chose to follow Hashem.

    We, the UnJewish, have been called to be part of the Hebrew family...and it's a HUGE family made up of different foods, languages, and traditions. And we use Ruth and other foreign Tanakh followers, as our example and encouragement.

  • UnProtestant Romanizing symbololators

    In the Protestant system, the authority of symbols, as of all human compositions, is relative and limited. It is not co-ordinate with, but always subordinate to, the Bible, as the only infallible rule of the Christian faith and practice. The value of creeds depends upon the measure of their agreement with the Scriptures. In the best case a human creed is only an approximate and relatively correct exposition of revealed truth, and may be improved by the progressive knowledge of the Church, while the Bible remains perfect and infallible. ...Any higher view of the authority of symbols is unprotestant and essentially Romanizing. Symbololatry is a species of idolatry, and substitutes the tyranny of a printed book for that of a living pope.

  • UnMuslim posers

    Asked if similar fatwa would be issued on other forms of exercise like "tai chi and qi qong", Wan Mohamad said, "Don't generalise. The issue here is yoga."

  • UnBuddhist orc-slayers

    Lest I leave the unwary reader with the impression that Tolkien was a closet Buddhist, let's close by looking at a couple of points that separate the tale from a Buddhist sensibility. Tolkien was, as I have said, a Christian. As such, the theme of a duality of Good and Evil is important to him. In Tolkien's world, the only good orc is a dead orc. In Buddhism, by contrast, there is no eternal damnation. Had a Buddhist written the story, one expects there would have been at least one orc who had a profound conversion experience, gave up his nasty habits and perhaps showed up at the Council of Elrond full of repentance.

  • UnAtheist impastors

    If I want to do something, and my conscience is cool with it, then I can do it. If it's feed a homeless person, so be it. If it's kill my neighbor, so be it. I am not bound to any morals.

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