Friday, July 10, 2009

Brother Steacy, it's time to sue

I knew Dean Steacy when he was a PSAC local president at the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and before he lost his sight.

This conscientious public employee has been libeled, defamed and grossly insulted by our Speech Warriors. He has been mocked, amongst other things, simply for being blind. Can't do much about the last--boorishness is not illegal-- but plenty about the first two.

Exhibit 1: Maclean's magazine and the odious Mark Steyn. A classic libel, actionable as it gets.

Exhibit 2: Conservative troglodytic backbencher Russ Hiebert. Ditto.

As far as I can tell, and I'd be happy to stand corrected, Steacy's employer has not lifted a finger on his behalf. Time for the private sector to lend a hand.

I hereby promise to kick in $1K to launch a libel action, if Steacy is agreeable. I hope and expect others will contribute as well. It's high time to call these verbal hooligans to account.

[H/t Buckets, BCL]

UPDATE: A correspondent has already offered to match my $1K if Steacy decides to go for it.

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