Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Aryan honour

The video is on YouTube. I watched it last night with growing pleasure. Three young Aryan hoodlums decided to take on a fit Black man: he showed he could handle himself, to their growing discomfiture.

The only time things got serious for him was when at one point he hit the ground--of course the three brave Aryan warriors chose that opportunity to move in and stomp him. One-on-one isn't the Aryan way.

But the target got to his feet and went after them. They fled in a pick-up truck (natch), shouting racial slurs as they bravely drove away. The warriors are all under arrest now: despite the quite audible and frequent use of racial epithets, the RCMP is still investigating whether or not the attack was racially motivated.

Bravo, Jay Phillips. The only way to deal with this trailer* trash is to take it out and leave it at the curb.

*Reader nitangae has a point. In fact he is entirely right. Mea culpa.

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