Friday, July 10, 2009

Another day, another brown Canadian is exiled [updated]

I blogged about this a few days ago, but matters appear to have escalated.

A young Canadian citizen, Suaad
Mohamud Hagi, remains stranded in Nairobi, Kenya. She wants to come home. The Canadian government is refusing to let her. Sound familiar?

The picture in her passport, four years old, doesn't look like her, says Kenyan officials. But she has a citizenship certificate, an OHIP card and a driver's licence to prove her identity. She also has something even more conclusive--fingerprints. They were taken when she made an application to become a Canadian citizen. She has offered to have them taken again.

No dice, says Foreign Affairs officials:

Following an extensive investigation, officials at the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi have determined that the individual arrested by Kenyan authorities is not Ms. Suaad Mohamud Hagi.

Fingerprints? We don't need no stinkin' fingerprints. Her ex-husband, her 12-year-old son, a pile of neighbours and her local MP, Joe Volpe, have all vouched for her, but the suave creeps at Foreign Affairs are having none of it.

She now joins Abdihakim Mohamed, who has been twisting in the wind for two years. And Bashir Makhtal. And Omar Khadr. And God only knows how many more, who haven't yet come to the attention of the media.

The only question that remains in my mind at this point is why the government is marooning its beige citizens one unfortunate at a time. Wouldn't it be more efficient for this odious gang of Conservative racists to round up every brownskin in the country and deport them en masse?

[H/t Kateland b/c]

UPDATE: (July 10) Canadian officials have finally deigned to take Hagi's fingerprints. They'll "get back to her." Meanwhile she still faces trial--it seems that a helpful consular official informed the Kenyan government that "conclusive investigations" proved she was an impostor, and sent along her confiscated passport to assist in her prosecution.

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