Monday, May 11, 2009

Larrygate [updated]

We can dream. But this case raises so many questions.

Here's the timeline. Terry Kilrea, no slouch himself in the thick-as-a-post right-winger department, withdrew his candidacy during the 2006 mayoralty election campaign, and threw his miniscule support behind the incumbent mayor Bob Chiarelli rather than the more conservative Larry O'Brien.

Why did Kilrea take himself out of contention? Why didn't he support his natural ally in looks, brains and politics? Why, shortly after the election, did he come out swinging with the affidavit that landed Larry in such a heap of trouble? And what's the food like at Hy's Steakhouse?

The trial resumes this week.
Here's the Ottawa Citizen Larry O'Brien trial site, the CBC Larry O'Brien trial site and the Ottawa Sun Larry O'Brien trial site.

Win, draw or lose, I hope the process wipes that revolting smirk off his face.

[h/t ZeroMeansZero]

: (May 11) Today's hearing, and the proceedings in the days to come, via Twitter.

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