Friday, May 01, 2009

Asbestos and the Iggy Jig

Former human rights advocate Michael Ignatieff is still tripping the light fantastic on the asbestos issue--but he's failing to keep time.

I noted in an earlier post that his position on the export of the carcinogenic mineral asbestos shifted within a single week. Now he's back at it, now claiming that no final position can be taken until a delayed Health Canada report becomes available.

Says Ignatieff: “The government has a study on chrysotile asbestos they have not released. They should release that and then we can resolve this once and for all.”

The trouble is, the report in question was released to the public last month.

As Ignatieff struggles to keep up, his party just days ago supported the Conservatives on the House Standing Committee on Natural Resources by approving the gift of a quarter of a million dollars to the Quebec-based Chrysotile Institute, which pimps for the industry.

Meanwhile, we continue to export 200,000 tons of the poison to the Third World every year , with catastrophic consequences. Unfortunately for them, the suffering populations in question contain no potential votes for the Liberal Party of Canada.

[H/t Accidental Deliberations]

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