Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goo Goo G'joob

First it's blogger "sooey," asserting that middle-of-the-road blogger Marky Mark and the wretched anti-Semite "arthurdecco" are one and the same person--and that they're probably both that other wretch, "shlemazl."

Now the latter (if it isn't the former too) is claiming that Canadian Cynic and Aryan Nations associate "anarchore" (no link from me) are one and the same as well, and maybe I'm Marky Mark, for good measure. (I think the latter is meant humorously, but with Russians you can never be sure.)

Yes, we are all one. I do believe we're trembling on the brink of emergence from samsara into the pure state of bodhi, right here in the blogosphere. You heard it first from me. No, wait a minute--maybe I heard it from you.

Verily, now is the time at the Dawg when we sing.

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